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Details required for your insurance quotation
If the property to be insured is not the address above then please put the risk address in the notes section below.  
Please include the postal code.
What is the cost to rebuild the buildings including outbuildings and including allowance for architect and surveyors fees. This is not the value, it is the cost to rebuild.
Replacement cost of house contents as new excluding those listed below
All risks items for personal possessions that require cover outside the home. Allowing for all the family members please give the maximum value that could be out of home at one time but do not include individual items over 1500 which need to be specified (see below)
If you require all risks cover on sports equipment please give the maximum value that could be out of your home at any one time
If deterioration of freezer contents is required please give number of freezers
and the age of oldest freezer in full years Cover will not be available for freezers over 10 years old
and the total value of frozen foods kept in the freezers
If you have any items of personal possessions which exceed 1500 in value and you want to have them insured in and out of the home then please list them as Specified All Risks Items below. Items which never leave the home do not need to be included here. You will need to let us have a valuation of the items concerned.  
  Item No Description Value
If there are any other item which need to be specified, then please include these in the notes section  
If you want to cover any push bikes please list below  
  Bike No Make & Model Value
If there are any extra push bikes please add them into the notes section  
What are the walls made from
What is the pitched roof made from
If there is a flat roof give % of the total roof area
What type of home is it
How many bedrooms does it have
In which year was the house built
Which bank or building society has an interest
Is the home unoccupied for over 30 days in the year
Is the home unoccupied during the working day
Do you take paying guests or is it a holiday home or let
Is it used for any professional purpose
What is the insured's occupation
What is the insured's spouse's occupation
What is the insured's date of birth
Has he or she been refused insurance
Does any family member have non motor convictions
Is there a BS4737 Alarm installed If so what type
Is the accessible front elevation all double glazed units
Do all exit doors have 5 lever mortise locks
Do all patio doors and accessible windows have keyed operated locks.
Do you have all accessible windows fitted with the SACS Systems Ltd IPS-3G security locks
Are there are suitably sited smoke detectors
Is your property in an area especially exposed to flood or storm damage, or has it been damaged by water or storm previously. If so please give full details in the notes section.
Are you members of an official neighbourhood watch scheme
How many claims or incidents have you had in the past 5 years prior to inception
How many claims or incidents of subsidence or heave have you ever had
Please give full details of all claims in the notes section  
Who are your existing insurers
Who are your existing brokers or intermediary
How many consecutive years have you held a policy without making a claim (We give no claims discount)
What is your existing insurers renewal premium or what is your best premium

Does this include accidental damage cover?

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